How to select a safe cab ride in Mercer, New Jersey

Drivers are often considered as an excellent source of information. Whether you want to know the current events, local custom of a place or to find the best restaurants in the area, taxi drivers are always well known with facts. Apart from that, taxi drivers also have a clear idea about the safety of a neighbourhood. However, not always you will face a good and honest driver during your taxi ride. Therefore, at Princeton Taxi Services, we adapts all the safety methods to offer you a safe ride.

Why we are different from other taxi services in terms of safety?

Periodical Drug testing of Drivers:

Drug addicts not only possess self-inflicting harm but they can also go to any extent to fulfil their drug habits. Addicts are known to inflict significant harms on travellers, forcing them to give up their belongings and money. The increment of such fatal incidents often raises concerns by clients who feel overwhelmed while ordering a cab service. Addressing the ongoing concern, our Metropolitan Mercer Taxi Service from Princeton Taxi Service follows a strict safety regimen while appointing a driver.

All our drivers go through periodic drug testing as per the Govt. Standard. The test results go through our officials and the driver who passed the drug testwill only be allowedto continue his/her services.

Proper background checking of Drivers:

When you enter inside a taxi, you offer the driver a little control of yourself. As you are sitting next to a stranger, its crucial to take safety measures for your protection. At Princeton Taxi Services, we believe in offering a stress-free travelling experience to our customers.

We conduct a robust and stringent hiring process while appointing our drivers. We run a legally based background check regarding the criminal records, credit history, work authorisation, education history, social media profiles, medical records, driving records and credit history of the drivers before hiring them. So next time you enter into a taxi by Princeton Taxi Service, you can surely relax and throw your worries away.

Computer-assisted radio dispatch:

While travelling through the cab, it’s not the intentional harm we are scared of, but its also about stuck in an unfortunate situation. Imagine getting a flat tire, car broke-down or any other unfortunate situation and you there stuck in a no network zone. Our Metropolitan Mercer Taxi Service provides a computer-assisted radio dispatch through which you can reach us easily, even without the presence of a mobile network. As soon as you contact us, we will promptly work to get you out of the situation.

GPS tracking systems:

As the top cab services in New Jersey, we own a large number of vehicles. To offers better services and safety, we have installed GPS tracking Systems in all our cars, to help us track your location better. With us tracking you all the time, you don’t have to worry about whether your driver is taking you through unauthorised routes or stops the car while driving.

To avail our affordable and safe Metropolitan Mercer Taxi Service, feel free to call us at (609) 672-7072. You can also book through our quick book services from my website.

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